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NABISCO® Sweepstakes
Started: Mon May 8, 2017
From: mondelez.promo.eprize.comAwesome!
Ended: Fri Jul 14, 2017
Prize: Cash
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Have an idea for the next OREO® creation? Share it!

Your idea could get produced and YOU COULD WIN A $500,000 CASH PRIZE.

Come back each day and submit a new idea to win for more entries to win in the #MyOREOCreation #Contest.

Submissions close July 14th.

Eligibility and Prize Information

ELIGIBILITY: Contest is open only to residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) and Puerto Rico, who are eighteen years of age and older as of the time of entry.

GRAND PRIZE: A $500,000 check and a trip package to New York City, NY*. ARV: $504,660.

Three Finalist Prizes: A $25,000 check and the opportunity to have OREO cookie creation produced and available in market for a limited time. ARV: $25,000.

For Full Official Rules, Click here.

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User Reports
Page Not Loading: It said I entered an entry when it redirected me to another page but I never put an entry in.
Reported by Stacy Crane Evans on
Your Comments
I would like to eat a peanut butter oreo
Comment by Jerry kish on
I would like to eat a peanut butter Oreo cookie
Comment by Jerry kish on
Chocolate Swirl Oreo cookies
Comment by Amy on
Smores Oreo cookie
Comment by Amy Lee Babjeck on
Chocolate Swirl Oreo cookie
Comment by Amy Lee Babjeck on
OREOS ~ Campfire πŸ”₯ For the Fall ~ Oreos with smores filling
Comment by Chira' on
Coconut Cream Oreo
Comment by Dave Bradshaw on
Cheesecake #myoreocreation #oreocontest
Comment by Krystal Rushing on
I would like to eat Maple Bacon Oreos.
Comment by Patricia Kuncio on
I want to try a cappacino oreo 1st thing in morning
Comment by Nova nolan on
Blueberry sherbet
Comment by James e lane on
Butter pecan#myoreocreation
Comment by Tia H on
#MyOREOCreation chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough oreo
Comment by Justin Moone on
Peanut Butter and Jelly Oreo
Comment by Sally on
Salted Caramel oreo
Comment by Debra D. on
You cannot improve on the original Oreo cookie!  It is "the very best cookie, ever was."  Don't even try!!
Comment by Connie Williams on
Banana Pudding Oreos Golden oreo cookie with Banana pudding flavor filling!!
Comment by Susan Lyster on
#MyOREOCreation #Contest
Comment by Susan Lyster on
Chocolate Malt #MyOREOCreation
Comment by Jennifer McCrory on
Tiramisu filling
Comment by Roxanne on
Apple Butter
Comment by Chad Pippin on
Raspberry filling oreos #Oreo contest
Comment by Kathleen Schmidt on
#MyOreoCreation A S'mores Oreo cookie. Call it the S'mOreos #Contest
Comment by Colby Flack on
Raspberry chocolate chip center with chocolate cookie outside.
Comment by Marcia Taplits Lowe on
Oreo chocolate layer, a thin coating of real chocolate on both sides of the cookie next to the cream, and  some swirled through the creme, sometime an added small thing without getting to extravagant can add a richer taste to the cookie that is already great, and still be a continuations seller that the public craves. You could call them " Oreo Chocolate Bursts"
Comment by Mona Burgess on
I would love to see Key Lime filling.
Comment by Judy Murphy on
Glazed donut Oreo #myoreocreation
Comment by Betsy Cobb on
Pistatio pudding
Comment by Chad Pippin on
Chocolate marshmallow Oreo cookies
Comment by Amy on
Totally need a cheesecake Oreo.😊
Comment by Carey McDowell on
Caramel Macchiato Oreo cookie- Coffee and dessert all in one!
Comment by Vanessa Chatman on
Comment by Angela Girardi on
Orange cream
Comment by Lorri M Manning on
My creation would be orange cream sickle
Comment by Lorri M Manning on
Flavor maple syrup
Comment by Sharon on
i would like to see toffee and chocolate truffle swirl oreo cookies(or half toffee and half truffle)Oreo cookie
Comment by thaddeus arco on
Mango cream Oreo is one of my creations ideas
Comment by Lorri M Manning on
Coffee Oreo
Comment by Lorri M Manning on
Bananna and vanilla  Oreo 
Comment by Lorri M Manning on
Nutella and bananna oreo  creation
Comment by Lorri M Manning on
Blue berry and white cream Oreo
Comment by Lorri M Manning on
#MyOREOCreation #Contest banana split Oreo, banana and strawberry filling
Comment by Tammy Pillsbury on
Pecan praline filled chocolate Oreo
Comment by Pat Rhoades on
Dark chocolate on the outside with marshmellow fluff and peanut butter on the inside for all us kids at heart.
Comment by Annmarie Stumpf on
I think the world and I would be happy with Oreo vanilla and butterscotch cookies.
Comment by Sang Payne on
#My OREOCreation #Contest would be keylime crème, with tiny white chocolate bits
Comment by Katherine A. Pentek on
I think an Oreo with gummy worm pieces would be awesome. It would be a take on the "dirt cup with worms" dessert with the crushed Oreos for the first with pudding and gummy worms
Comment by Andrea on
green tea oreos
Comment by agnes ramirez on
Pumpkin and cream cheese.
Comment by Barb on
Comment by Barb on
Strawberry and banana swirl Oreo cookie dough
Comment by Patrick cawagdan on
#My OREOCreation #Contest Cannoli oreo
Comment by Gina M Federici on
I would like to have a Circus peanut flavor Oreo,Black and orange and dub it "The Baltimore Oreo" baseball season is here and the fans would love it!!!!
Comment by Thomas Merrill on
I would like a Circus peanut flavored Oreo, Orange filling dubbing it "The Baltimore Oreo"
Comment by Thomas Merrill on
cinnamon bun..... don't forget the icing
Comment by Maryann on
Chocolate Coconut Maccaroon Oreo
Comment by Dawn Mak on
Creme brulee  #myoreocreation #contest
Comment by Bob Weishorn on
Ginger Snap Crème Oreo
Comment by Pacquin White on
Raspberry Sherbert Oreo
Comment by Pacquin White on
Comment by Ruth Williams on
Lemon/Lime Oreo
Comment by Pacquin White on
Key Lime Oreo
Comment by Pacquin White on
Maple Bacon Habanero! Chocolate cookie maple bacon filling with a habanero kick!!
Comment by Heather Kuban on
Taffy Apple Oreos
Comment by David Reno Dotson on
Snickers Bar Cheesecake Flavor!
Comment by Rebecca Ashpole on
I would like to see cotton candy flavored.
Comment by Linda on
Nutella Oreo cookies or caramel Oreo cookies
Comment by RemieDee Sablan Dlg on
Jalapeño-Raspberry Cream OREOs go great with the sweet warmth of raspberry jalapeño jam.  Add a touch of cream cheese if desired. Homemade jalapeño-fruit jams (raspberry, blackberry, strawberry & peach) could be marketed on their own merit.  Uses include: on meats & for grilling; with "Ritz" crackers & cream cheese; as an ice cream topping; & a variety of baked goods & recipes.
Comment by Ric Illig on
Baileys flavored cream
Comment by Ana cardoso on
Wedding cake cream Oreo!
Comment by Robin on
Pina colada Oreos would be nice!
Comment by Chad Dotson on
Banana split Oreo
Comment by Sheri Abel on
Orange Flavored Oreo
Comment by Kevin on
Peppermint Candy for Christmas
Comment by Deb on
Blue raspberry creme blast oreo...a blast of blueberry with all the luxurious taste of oreo goodness because oreos are a blast 😊
Comment by Jamie leloup on
caramel cheesecake swirl
Comment by Karen E Cecil on
How about a M&M Sprinkle Fudge Flavored Oreo all in One 
Comment by Sarah Lebo on
Red velvet cookie with cream cheese frosting middle
Comment by Nancy on
Banna bread Oreo cookie with ginger πŸͺcookie crust.                                                                            #Myoreocreation                                     #oreocontest
Comment by Yvonne Kizart on
EspressOreo...chocolate cookie with espresso cream with dark chocolate covered espresso bean nibs.
Comment by Brenda Harmon on
Circus peanut flavor available on chocolate cookie and vanilla cookie
Comment by Kim Livingston on
Strawberry shortcake Oreo Cupcake Oreo cappuccino frappe Oreo Orange filled Oreo Snicker filled Oreo Brownie Oreo Pistachio filled Oreo
Comment by Dakota keen on
Peanut butter & Banana Call it the Elvis Oreo #myoreocreation
Comment by Elizabeth Daley on
#GalaxyOreos out of this world
Comment by Isaias Chavez on
Some snickers chocolates melted combined with Oreo are a bond so everything in a cookie will be even better so #SnickersOreos #MyOreoCreation
Comment by Yesly Morales Gonzalez on
Banana split flavor
Comment by Spot Hunter on
Banana split flavor. #MyOreoCreation#Contest
Comment by Spot Hunter on
#myoreocreation creamsicle filled oreo with the traditional chocolate cookies. 
Comment by Heidi Clough on
Cookie Dough Oreo!
Comment by Holly Elizabeth-McElwee McConnell on
Comment by T Harris on
Oreo red velvet creme/ice creme flavor swirl sandwich cookies  "Wheelz are Turning" #MyOreoCreation
Comment by Clay Chess on
Caramel creme Oreo cookies #MyOreoCreation
Comment by Laura on
Cinnamon Hazelnut Oreo
Comment by Darlene Moore on
Strawberry Cheesecake or Shortcake
Comment by Darlene Moore on
I would love to have a Cherry Cordial Oreo with a chocolate outside flavored with a hint of cherry in it along with filling with cordial cherry flavored and cherry bits in the icing .  
Comment by Cindy Thomas on
#MyOREOCreation would be a wild cherry oreo!! #Contest
Comment by Chad Dotson on
Cinnamon cream and peach cobbler # my oreo creation #oreo contest
Comment by Cartez on
How about a Moon pie flavored Oreo on either the golden vanilla or chocolate cookie, flavored with that moon pie fillings, along with the cookie crust flavored as such!
Comment by Cindy Thomas on
Cherry Cordial Oreo - chocolate Oreo with cherry cordial creme!! Yummy!!
Comment by Tara Nelson on
Pink Lemonade Oreo- vanilla Oreo with pink lemonade creme!!
Comment by Tara Nelson on
Peanutbutter cookie with marshmallow creme!! Oh boy sounds delicious!!
Comment by Tara Nelson on
Strawberry Pina Colada Oreo!!
Comment by Tara Nelson on
Tiramisu oreos!
Comment by Tara Nelson on
Churro flavored Oreo with a cream cheese creme!
Comment by Tara Nelson on
Superman ice cream flavored creme with vanilla cookie!
Comment by Tara Nelson on
peanut butter and jelly,key lime pie, chocolate covered cherry, salted caramel, almond and creme cheese.
Comment by Markie on
Pralines and creme oreo.
Comment by Kelly Affolter on
"OLD-FASHION CHOCOLATE MALT MILKSHAKE" flavored Oreo! Go back to the "GOOD OLD DAYS", and reach an older and younger crowd. The commercial and campaign opportunities are ENDLESS!!
Comment by Robin Vickers on
"Sugar shack style": peanut butter flavored oreo on the outside with maple flavored creme inside
Comment by Grace Fergusson on
Summertime, Bomb Pop Popsicle striped frosting.
Comment by Becky Goebel Ashpole on
I think a layer of sugar cone between the chocolate cookie and the double stuff would be good!
Comment by Judy Bradley on
chocolate mint
Comment by Chris Mosher on
Bubble Gum Oreo. Yesterday's taste in today's most popular cookie. 
Comment by Peter Heinz on
Candy corn Oreo that sounds amazing!!!!!!
Comment by Ethan on
My idea is hot fudge sundae sounds delicious πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Comment by Scott on
#contest would be
vanilla oreo w/banana pudding filling vanilla oreo w/ sweet potatoe cream filling
Comment by Bernadene Fielder on
oreo w/ cream soda filling oreo w/ sherbet float filling
Comment by Bernadene Fielder on
vanilla oreo w/ red velet cake filling vanilla oreo w/ chocolate hazel nut filling
Comment by Bernadene Fielder on
i would love pumpkin cheese cake ... with banana,  and a chocolate center. 
Comment by Barbara Saunders on
German chocolate
Comment by Chad Pippin on
You need to make a Blueberry lemonade Oreo with lemon cookie and blueberry cream filling. It would be so good!
Comment by Jimmy Prevatte on
Coffee and donuts; a deliciously balanced mellow coffee flavored cookie with a light and airy donut flavored cream filling. #myoreocreation #contest
Comment by Jeanine hunt on
The Moreo (Mounds Bar + Oreo) - a coconut cream filled dark chocolate cookie with a dark chocolate coating
Comment by Brian Panczyk on
Cotton candy Oreo cookies
Comment by Michael Matheny on
How about a "Dump Cake" cookie either on the golden vanilla and the chocolate outside. This recipe would cover multiple varieties and be creative use cherries, pineapple, Apple spice,, applesauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla , vanilla pudding,!and add cream cheese to make the filling . Other varieties would work as well such as chocolate pudding and add all the ingredients to it.  Sounds like a plan!
Comment by Cindy Thomas on
Another variety would be Turtle Cheesecake filling with pecans , Carmel  and chocolate syrup drizzled over the chocolate  Or golden vanilla cookie crust. Mighty tasty!!
Comment by Cindy Thomas on
#MyOREOCreation white chocolate mocha Oreo #Contest
Comment by Chad Dotson on
Granny's Apple Pie
Comment by Chad Pippin on
Dreamcicle Oreo #MyOreoCreation #Contest
Comment by Karen Shofner on
Banana split OREO #MyOreoCreation #Contest
Comment by Peggy Poynter on
Oreo Eclairs- #myOREOcreation #Contest
Comment by Rhonda wilson on
Orange n cream oreo,chocolate double dipper oreo,strawberry cheesecake oreo, banana strawberry cheesecake oreo,chocolate cheesecake oreo, caramel n cream oreo ,cinnamon spice oreo
Comment by Casandra on
My creation Sweet n Sour Lime Gusher Oreos.   1 bite into the combination green creme and mouth watering tangy lime juice gushers and it'll have you wanting to eat the whole bag!
Comment by Janice Plante on
Strawberry cookie with strawberry filling inside
Comment by Peter Brown on
Red velvet or caramelπŸ‘πŸ™‹πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ˜šπŸ’™
Comment by Laura Hast on
Eminem double chocolate  that actually has Eminem bits
Comment by Scott on
Banana cream pie Oreo
Comment by Ethan smith on
Circus Peanut Oreos!
Comment by Liz Clemons on
mint cookie with chocolate mouse filling dipped in chocolate.
Comment by Tara Nelsom on
Smoreo!  Chocolate Cookie, Graham Waffer stuffed with marshmallow cream filling!!
Comment by Meighen Pollard on
Lemon meringue filling  original orea golden flavor #myoreocreationcontest
Comment by Alicia Valentin on
Pecan pie flavor oreo original golden orea pecan pie flavor small pecans in the filling #myoreocreationcontest
Comment by Alicia valentin on
White chocolate raspberry cheesecake oreo  Either oreo or golden and white chocolate and raspberry filing either a swirl of raspberry and cheesecake flavor
Comment by Alicia valentin on
Upside down pineapple cake flavored oreo original golden oreo
Comment by Alicia valentin on
Jalapeno cheddar cream cheese flavored oreos
Comment by Alicia valentin on
Coca cola flavored oreos
Comment by Alicia valentin on
Root beer flavored oreos
Comment by Alicia valentin on
Pomegranate flavored oreos
Comment by Alicia valentin on
Pistachio Flavored oreos
Comment by Jennifer Johnson on
#MyOREOCreation #Contest Salted caramel cheesecake. After a hard day's work. Relaxation nation ☺️
Comment by Tazmine Flowers on
How about a Butterfinger oreo!! #MyOREOCreation #Contest
Comment by Oreofan on
How about a Butterfinger oreo!! #MyOREOCreation #Contest
Comment by Oreofan on
I would like to see Oreo chocolate cookies filled with 'dulce de leche' the combination of flavors will be awesome
Comment by hermie on
Cookies and cream
Comment by Scott martinson on
Nutella chocolate Oreos or caramel  Oreos
Comment by RemieDee Sablan Dlg on
Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake Oreo
Comment by Ramikka Fair on
Alot of these ideas I have already had and submitted guess people think alike. I had the Butterscotch flavor, the Banana Pudding flavor the Dreamsicle,Strawberry and Orange Cream flavor. Then theres the Grape Ape Flavor, and the Cherrwine Flavor. And of course the Poka Dot Flavor being M&Ms.
Comment by Dorothy Wolfe on
Red velvet Oreo cookie.  #My Oreo creation.
Comment by Charmaine White on
I would love to eat an Oreo with a Pavlova filling. It is made wit whipped cream, egg whites, powdered sugar and a fruit filling. Pavloreo! Can be made with chocolate too
Comment by Lee Hepper on
Oreo Fudge Brownie #myoreocreationcontest
Comment by Shannon R. Dix on
Milky Way Oreo #myoreocreationcontest
Comment by Shannon Rene Dix on
Mounds Oreo #myoreocreationcontest
Comment by Shannon Rene Dix on
Strawberry-kiwi Oreo filling
Comment by Mary Ostrander on
Pumpkin pie
Comment by Scott martinson on
Maybe peanut buttEr and banana!
Comment by Annette on
#MyOREOCreation a Skittles oreo!! #Contest
Comment by Chad Dotson on
Cardamom vanilla cream #myoreocreation #oreocontest
Comment by Keithlaho on
#MyOREOCreation how about a grasshopper flavored Oreo. Mint and chocolate go good together. #Contest
Comment by Chad Dotson on
Lemon meringue pie ores #myoreocreation
Comment by Shataybia Stanley on
Oreo cherry cordial #myoreocreationcontest
Comment by Shannon Rene Dix on
Oreo Cherry Cordial #myoreocreationcontest
Comment by Shannon Rene Dix on
Secret emoticon Oreos. Banana yellow inside. Open them to find an emoticon
Comment by mariana on
#MyOREOCreation a vanilla ice cream Oreo. #Contest
Comment by Chad Dotson on
Coffee cream Oreo, Java Chip mocha Oreo, Caramel Coffee and Almond Oreo, Creme Brulee Oreo, Chunky Peanut butter swirl Oreo, Vanilla Oreo with Lemon center, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie with Coffee filling
Comment by Christy Campbell on
I would like there to be churro Oreo
Comment by Tyler on
#MyOREOCreation how about a mudslide o reo! #Contest
Comment by Chad Dotson on
Chocolate Oreo cookie with a salted caramel cream center
Comment by Jennifer Schecher on
How about a oreo with a dough shell and duel flavor of chocolate and vanilla with sprinkles. Also if you do not like one flavor then cut two in half then enjoy. Personaly i would call it a doughreo
Comment by milpat on
All American blueberry strawberry bannana
Comment by Scott Martinson on
Whipped cream flavored Oreo
Comment by Ethan smith on
Marshmallow cream rocky road . #myoreocreation #contest
Comment by Karla on
#MyOREOCreation a Butterfinger Oreo would be the best!! #Contest
Comment by Chad Dotson on
Oreo Strawberry & Cream #myoreocreationcontest
Comment by Shannon Dix on
Straw berry milkshake
Comment by Scott j martinson on
The Cracker Jack Oreo tastes like a Cracker Jack on the inside
Comment by Ethan smith on
Gingerbread cookie with lemon filling!
Comment by Michael Smith on
The breakfast Oreo with French toast flavor in the inside.
Comment by Ethan smith on
Cinaman toast crunch Oreo just in case you are running late and you need breakfast plus you can dip it in milk
Comment by Scott Martinson on
Chocolate covered banana oreos. Chocolate Oreo cookie , banana creme filling then the whole cookie dipped in chocolate. #MyOREOCreation #Contest
Comment by Stephanie on
Boston Cream Pie Oreo! Chocolate oreo cookie on one side with Boston cream in the middle with a golden Oreo cookie on the other side. Yum! #MYOREOCREATION #CONTEST
Comment by Kyle on
#MyOREOCreation a pecan pie flavored Oreo would be awesome! #Contest
Comment by Chad Dotson on
Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake Oreo
Comment by Ramikka Fair on
#MyOREOCreation a cherry cheesecake Oreo! #Contest
Comment by Chad Dotson on
#myOREOcreation #contest  I would like to see a chocolate Oreo cookie with a coffee cream filling surrounding a drop of bacon flavored cream and call it the Chuckwagon Oreo.  Have a cookie on the package wearing a cowboy hat with a campfire in the background.
Comment by Lois Evenson on
I would like to see a kiwi coconut oreo.
Comment by Idamarie Craig on
Apple crisp  oreo flavor
Comment by Idamarie Craig on
I think a caramel creme on chocolate cookie and for holidays cover with chocolate
Comment by cynthia on
Orange creamsicle oreo or oreo filled with snicker bar bits, Twix bits, etc.
Comment by Roland Omogbo on
Neapolitan oreo
Comment by Roland Omogbo on
#MMyOREOcreationcontest. Gingerbread with cream cheese icing
Comment by Carin on
Pina colada #myOREOcreation#contest
Comment by Carin on
Cherry Limeade! It would be similar to the amazing drink, but feature cherry with a good hint of lime.
Comment by Randall H on
Vanilla Ice Cream w/ Carmel and Sprinkles
Comment by Zach & Mom on
Oreo coffee fudge cream
Comment by Adina Tyberg on
Oreo Potatoe Chip
Comment by Ruby Jones on
Dr.Pepper or Mountain Dew flavored Oreos! #Contest
Comment by John Newton on
Cherry Pie Oreos,yummy
Comment by Marge Rockwell on
The Everblasting Oreo Stopper!!! A multicolored cookie of fun to tickle taste buds in every bite! The outside cookies would be purple which would taste like blueberry cake and the cream being a rainbow array of colors would be a mango inspired flavor followed by a cream cheese  flavor. It's all about food pairing so really the pairings would be endless and another added bonus would be whether you were a cream first then cookie type of person or vice versa the flavor is ever blasting and never stops!#MYOREOCREATION#CONTEST
Comment by Ruth Rodriguez on
Gingerbread & Srircacha creme flaming Oreo's and summer fun. By Street Artist Cat
Comment by Catina Miranda on
#MyOreoCreation here are some of my ideas football shaped oreos for superbowl season, an oreo that is a smore a smoreo, an oreo with a message that can be read once someone twist the cookie open, a cookie with a purple middle for Alzheimer's awarness, gender reveal oreos, gay pride oreos with a rainbow down center, bacon oreos
Comment by Amber durst on
Blueberry compote, bacon with chocolate cookie #myoreocreations #contest
Comment by Sharmayne Hurdle on
Maple oatmael cookie with blueberry,apple,or strawberry filling options #mycookiecreation
Comment by Guest User on
NEOPOLITIN.... Chocolate Top... Strawberry Filling....Vanilla Bottom
Comment by Craig Grossmiller on
Gender reveal blue and pink, blue can flavor like blue berries or those blue gummy sharks. Pink can taste a but like cotton candy
Comment by Sharmayne Hurdle on
Candy Corn Oreo #MyOreoCreation #Contest
Comment by Shannon Wakefield on
Banana cream pie
Comment by Charles on
Strawberry shortcake
Comment by Charles on
Key lime pie with graham cracker Oreo
Comment by Stephanie Clay on
Rocky road ice cream Oreo
Comment by Ca'Mya Taylor on
Strawberry cheesecake oreo
Comment by Ca'Mya Taylor on
Chocolate pudding oreo
Comment by Ca'Mya Taylor on
Jolly rancher oreo
Comment by Ca'Mya Taylor on
Orange sherbet oreo
Comment by Ca'Mya Taylor on
Twix!  Left side or right side?
Comment by Kellie barker on
Banana Pudding made with Vanilla cookies filled with Banana cream
Comment by Melanie Baker on
Make them fun, emoji inside so we have happy ,lemon, sad buttercream , wow, blueberry, angry red velvet, all original outside cookie , open up to a surprise !!!
Comment by Angela lease on
I would love a cheesecake flavored oreo
Comment by Heather L Bird on
I would like raspberry filling with vanilla chips inside the Oreo cookie
Comment by Myles Doren on
I would like cream brûlée filling with raspberry chips indside the Oreo cookie
Comment by Myles Doren on
I would like a maple filling with bacon chips inside the Oreo cookie
Comment by Myles Doren on
I would like a tropical Oreo; pomegranate and orange;mango and banana; either tropical or fruity
Comment by rose on
Rainbow Oreo cookies for pride #Myoreocreation
Comment by Jenna on
New Oreo creation sno ball oreos.  Ice cream flavor with condensed milk.
Comment by Sammy1964 on
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