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*UPDATE* voting has been extended- I was nominated for 2 personal awards please help with a one time vote... Ends Novemb

Voting will end on November 29th! Anyone can vote… You do not have to vote in all categories just the 2 categories I am nominated for. FYI - You'll have to sign in thru Google.
Please go to-
Click on “Vote Essie Awards”
Vote for “Marcella Jones” (me!) in two(2) categories… “Cannabis Advocate & Cannabis Influencer of the year” 
 The Essie Awards celebrates our local Medical Cannabis Community and Industry in our state.
I am honored to be nominated and would love to win this… Thank you to everyone taking the time to vote, your help is greatly appreciated!

Update- Also just found out they are giving tickets to nominees that have made the top 10 list with most votes... I am on that list!! I have a real chance at this... Please vote!

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Shamim Shamim Ahmad
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I try chance. Prize. I wating date.

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