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Report a Sweepstakes Problem

We have just updated the "Report a Problem" button.

If you notice the wrong end date, problems loading or have any comments about a sweepstakes, try the "Report a Problem" tab at the bottom of the sweeps listing.

In addition to the old "Report a Problem" we have added an area to ad notes to your submission.

"Report a Problem" and we'll take a look at it.

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Posted May 3rd (2016) @ 11:28:52 AM #2
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I've searched and can not find where to report a problem with your "sweepstakes Robot" ... Is it still working? I downloaded it, but can not login. Thanks

Posted May 3rd (2016) @ 9:36:08 PM #3
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We have currently disabled support for the robot. There just wasn't enough demand for the resources it needs to run.

We may launch this in the future, but right now it does not work.

Posted Dec 2nd (2016) @ 1:20:09 PM #4
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Wherer to submitt 145th anniversary sweep stake.
This is veryu comlicated site.
Please guide through.

Posted Nov 16th (2019) @ 11:39:00 AM #5
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Hi! I've noticed my "last entry" has been flipping back to "You've never entered this sweepstake" even though I KNOW I have. Some I click on and it even has checkmarks (for example, Bean Box's Win a Sunny Escape in Mexico sweep). I don't want to have to save everything in MySweeps, especially those that I don't want to enter (like vacations with rounds of golf and I don't play so I'd like to leave those to someone who does), but would like to see that I've "checked them off" so to say. It used to save if I clicked the link but it's not anymore. I sent this as a report, but it's still doing it. 

Please fix. Thanks!

Posted Nov 16th (2019) @ 8:13:26 PM #6
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Hi tignor,

We had a small bug for a few accounts that made some entries on a few sweepstakes no longer appear. It should no longer be happening for any sweepstakes. Are you still having trouble with the entry times saving?

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