Posted Apr 6th (2019) @ 6:42:44 AM #1
Mary Ryan Novack
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I've been on Infinite Sweeps for many years. LOVE this site! But I don't think I've ever posted a win here before. This is to give inspiration to all of you to keep entering and going for THE BIG ONE! This is a $165,000 racing car! I won it Jan 30 and took delivery of the car about 2 months later.

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Posted Apr 6th (2019) @ 7:15:58 AM #2
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CONGRATS!  How in Gods name were you able to afford the taxes on that?  And what sweepstakes was it from?

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Congratulations! I just started sweeping in January, haven’t won much but am still hopeful! That had to of been an amazing feeling when you found out you won! I’d probably go into cardiac arrest lol! Enjoy your beautiful car!

Posted Apr 6th (2019) @ 7:29:52 AM #4
Mary Ryan Novack
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The win is from Omaze. They are a nonprofit and give away HUGE prizes! They also sent me a check for 25 percent of the value for taxes b/c they want everyone to be able to win!

Posted Apr 6th (2019) @ 8:23:35 AM #5
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That is fantastic & incredible!  Congratulations!  Great win! 

Posted Apr 6th (2019) @ 8:37:09 AM #6
Susan Maj
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Nice win! my big one was a trip to nyc to see bobby flay and a $1,000 meijer gc

Posted Apr 6th (2019) @ 10:13:46 AM #7
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Incredible! Congratulations

Posted Apr 6th (2019) @ 1:01:57 PM #8
Garel Williams
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Posted Apr 6th (2019) @ 5:39:27 PM #9
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Wow, nice win...congrats

Posted Apr 7th (2019) @ 7:37:03 AM #10
Diane Shelley Hunsinger
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CONGRATS! now...did u donate for entries  or just do the alternate means of entry form? very curious....thanks! and good luck with that awesome car!

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