Posted Jan 11th (2018) @ 2:04:35 PM #1
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STARTING TODAY.... every contest link I click here forces a Facebook sign in

I've been using Infinite Sweeps for a while now and some of the contests do make you sign in to Facebook in order to enter a contest...

BUT TODAY -- Jan 11, 2018 --

that has all changed and now
Infinite Sweeps REQUIRES you to use a Facebook account

If anyone has a hack around that, let me know.

Otherwise I'll use the other sweepstakes websites out there instead.
Thank you

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Posted Jan 15th (2018) @ 2:18:01 PM #2
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Now after a week of this problem, it's magically fixed. Thank you.

Posted Apr 11th (2018) @ 11:04:16 AM #3
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It's doing this to me as well.  It's irritating.  I've sent an email to customer support so my account can be fixed.

Posted Oct 19th (2018) @ 12:54:43 PM #4
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This just happened to me too today. I'm already signed into Facebook. Not doing it through this website . Goodbye to infinite sweeps if this is the only way to enter

Posted Dec 26th (2018) @ 1:02:32 PM #5
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I'm having the same issue.  The wifi I'm on does not allow FB so now I'm at the same crossroads of possibly having to use another sweepstakes website.

Posted Feb 26th (2019) @ 12:36:39 AM #6
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So this topic was brought up over a year ago and no response from an admin?  I thought I found the perfect sweeps site for me until I ran into this hassle.  I have zero desire to create a Facebook account for sweepstakes.

Posted Dec 25th (2019) @ 1:50:20 PM #7
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if a sweepstake you enter is on facebook then you would have to be a member of facebook in order to enter that one.
Im on fb but i rarely enter any sweeps over there. I mainly enter those sweepstakes that you dont have to do a facebook entry.
Top of this website click on where it says sweepstakes and just look for ones you want to enter and skip the ones that only have a facebook entry. Many national companies do have a social media presence so if you dont want to mess with entering on fb then google name of company and go to their main website to see if you can enter that way.

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