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Enter the Sand and Soul Festival Trip Giveaway from Steve Harvey for your chance to win a trip to Mexico.

ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a trip for them and a guest to the Sand & Soul Festival in Punta Cana at The Hard Rock Resort & Casino.

Trip includes round-trip flights, three nights of accommodations, VIP passes and all-inclusive food and drink at the hotel.

Submit your entry to win DAILY!

Eligibility and Prize Information

ELIGIBILITY: Open to legal residents of the forty - eight contiguous United States and the District of Columbia who are at least twenty - one years of age or older at the date of entry.

GRAND PRIZE: Grand Prize will consist of a four day/three night trip for Winner and one guest to the Sand & Soul Festival at Punta Cana. Each Vacation includes roundtrip coach airfare for the Attendees from the major airport nearest to Winner's residence (as determined by Prize Provider) to Bahamas International Airport, three nights standard hotel accommodations at the Hard Rock Resort & Casino, two tickets for the Attendees to the Festival (VIP seating as determined by Prize Provider and where applicable) including Daily Junkanoo Jam Day Parties, Daily After Parties, Welcome to Paradise Party, Late Night Comedy Concert, Saturday Night Concert, and Sunday Night Concert, Complimentary Access for the Attendees to Aquaventure Water Park and beaches, one Sand & Soul Festival gift bag.

For Full Official Rules, Click here.

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Comment by Deborah Van De Hey on
I hope I can win the trip that you give it away in the name of Jesus
Comment by Zenobia Thomas on
Hi Steve I'm hoping to one of the winner for Sand and soul trip me and my fiance never been on any trip was planning to wedding this September but the money got short so this trip would be nice for us just to joy and relax I'm praying that God will answer our prayers my fiance don't know about this I trying to surprise him wishing up a star be bless Tee
Comment by THERESA on
Hi Mr. Steve Harvey I Hope I Get Picked Out Of Your 6 Pick I Have Never Ever Won Anything Like This And I Pray That You And My Father God Bless Me To Win One Of Your Six Trips To And From The Bahamas Oh You Don't Know What A Joy This Would Be To Win Something Like This I Am Going To Cross My Fingers And Toes That HUrts Choosing. And I Would Like To Thank You In Advance. You And The Morning Crew Are My Favorite Radio Station I Wake Up To You Every Morning Manly To Here The Morning Prayer I Get Up To Get My Phone To Listen To You All. And I Love Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Called They Are To Funny. If I Miss You All My Day Is Not The Same Cause One Thing Desired Prayer Changes Thing.  I Thank You A Again Mr.  Harvey Cause We Don't Get A Lot Here In Memphis Tennessee But I Love It Cause It'd My Home. And I Will Always Love It!!!!!!
Comment by Frankie Satterfield on
Dear Mr. Harvey, I am so tired and once i heard of this trip, i entered in hopes that can possibly attend. I don't know what it feels like to win anything because i have never won anything or got anything for free. Feeling the ocean breeze, relaxing and being still is unimaginable. Believe me, i would sincerely appreciate this, if you select me. Either way, i am enough as a person and i thank you in advance.
Comment by Michelle Millard on
Dear Mr. Harvey, I listen to your station at work every day it gets me through my day may God keep pouring the waters of life in your spirit and you keep doing what you do. I am proud of you and your works for the people. God bless the haters!!!! Hi Tommy Shirley Carla Velinda D. Banks
Comment by Velinda D. Banks on
That would be a great anniversary trip for me and my wife
Comment by Curtis bethea on
Steve I am one of your biggest fans. When I wake up after thanking God for another days journey. I get on the radio with your devotions. If Steve Harvey doesn't play I am calling T-Mobile at 5 in the morning. You best believe I am calling. They say aint in a hurry to get ya. But Oh YES I AM!  I should be your winner because I've always wanted to go to Atlantis. Never new it was an island. All I know is that it is supposed to be a city under water. Show a sistah some love and pick me. I would take my girlfriend because when we talked about going and the money, she was on it. Said I have my money right now. Its me. Unfortunately I cant do both. I must be there to support my sister receiving her masters in Charlotte NC. that's a 400.00 ticket airline ticket. I have to choose her she has worked very hard. She is also the first one to earn their Masters Degree. Please pick me.
Comment by Vicki Lynn Rhymes on
Please pick me. I will get mad in the morning if someone calls. What do you have to say to me at 6 in the blankety blank morning. Because I'm on a cell phone it cuts u off. I then have to restart it. If any of my friends are reading this. Don't, call, text, instagram and all that other mess. Give me and the morning show our time undisturbed!
Comment by Vicki Lynn Rhymes on
My 50th is Sept. 15th and I would love to win this trip! I meet Mr. & Mrs. Bridges on Jan. the 8th at the Orlando Airport. Very nice people. Mrs. Bridges gave me water the she couldn't take on the plane.
Comment by on
Would love to win this trip, I truly need a break and in need of some fun.
Comment by Nadine Grober on
I really would love to go on this trip it would be the next move in life from after my terrible break up I was in for 6yrs and celebration for my best friend divorce too.. SO PLEASE STEVE PICK ME!
Comment by tiffany smith on
Love two take wife on trip it ben 5 years we took custody of my  nieces two kids and it's been a job I just had a hernia surgery my wife just had surgery also a perfect time to get away ,Thank God for keep up strong through this marriage caused many days I want to walk away but God
Comment by Chris simmons on
Steve Harvey, I would Love to come with You and the Crew to The Bahamas in October. I'm looking forward to meeting All of you wonderful and hilarious people.
Comment by Delores Mccraney on
Comment by Liz Fordham on
I listen to your show every morning, have followed you guys to Vegas, Atlanta and even put a deposit for the sands but with my daughters starting college, my girlfriend and I don't think we can afford it. So I would love the opportunity to win something in my life. Love you guys.
Comment by Ericka Campbell-Grimes on
I would love to win this trip just because I am a fun person and I am a child of God who really tries to love everybody.  I think I deserve to win this so I am going to claim one of these trips right now.  So don't delay just go on and send the necessary paperwork now. Thanks
Comment by Carolyn McIntosh on
I have never won anything  I'll be surprised if I won  it would be nice . I can say It's me I WON  I proberly pass out .  Lol
Comment by Juliet on
I haven't been anywhere couldn't afford a nice trip that wasn't in driving distance.  I always sent my daughter on nice trips with her friends family so that she could see places I only dream about. I would love to see a place outside of work and paying bills. I am a person that always put my love ones happiness before my own.
Comment by Nita on
dear mr steve i hope and pray that i will win this trip to go to the bahamas is been my dream to go there those past few years is been pure hell for me a bitter abused divorce have left me with no addition for none i ended with filing bankruptcy he left me pennyless above it all i ended with a surgery that has left me with one vocal to use and my lungs ending collapsing on me i almost lost my life not mention the abuse i been endure in my life been from another country i been without my mother father for 25 years alone i really need this vacation would mean the world to me ,please pray about it and considering me and my young son to attend thank u from my heart to yurs we love yur shows all of it u been a great inspiration to my sons and me thank u once again for lift me everymorning yu and yur cast much love to u all   god bless u and family  including yur full cast
Comment by melina on
Yeah Baby!  New Edition, Bahamas, comedy, etc.  Steve, you and your lady know what you are doing!
Comment by Tori Lee on
What up mr.harvey I think this is a good thing you are doing for the people who are less likely to be able to afford a trip like this. I'm one of them people. Been with my wife almost 31 years our anniversary is coming up in may. 5 kids & 3 more adopted kids later she needs a vacation
Comment by Junior wade on
Hi Steve it's my birthday week and I thought it would be a blast to party with you and the morning crew, my daughter would also like to hang out with you and the morning crew if I win the trip I'll be able to pay for my other daughters way because she is well deserving of it, and they both would love to be with their mom celebrating her 67th birthday. Love you Steve God bless
Comment by Dolores on
Comment by Claudette Holloway on
Dearest Mr. Harvey,      Ive never won anything, & this trip would be delightful & a blessing to me! Now I don't want to sound like I'm begging but maybe I am!  If u could just read this e-mail & have your people get n touch with me or yourself, however u do it ,that would be appreciated! Thanks, it was so hard getting to this page why?
Comment by Anita I. Harris on
Hi Steve๐Ÿ˜Š Thanku for giving me this opportunity to win this trip,I've never ever won anything in my life before and also I've never been on a trip before,I know it's sad but true and I'm single so hopefully I will win and be able to meet a special someone on this trip  because I know ur affiliated with all of the good quality of men...Thanku so much Steve
Comment by Hasona Randall on
My wife and I appreciate you and the Steve Harvey Morning Show team. You all give us much entertainment in the morning on our way to work and during work.This would be a wonderful vacation for my wife as we have endured many obstacles this past year.
Comment by Farris Spencer on
Dear Steve Harvey, i hope you choose me & my husband. We' ve been married 1 year. No honey moon. Due to my surgery. We couldn't travel, and didnt have the funds. This would be the perfect getaway. Faithhful listeners. Bonita & Jamie Dumas
Comment by Bonita Dumas on
Hi, Steve I would like to be pick for this wonderful vacation get away. I have never been to the Bahamas before and this would be a wonderful Birthday gift for me my Birthday is Oct 15th I am single right now I record your talk show every day for relationship advice, I am big fan of you and Marjorie relationship i have been divorced for 4 years and i am hoping that someone special comes into my life soon. Thank you for your time
Comment by Gibson Shelia on
Mr Harvey, My husband and I are retired. We watch your program almost every day. I also love The family feud.  Also listen to 97.1. We are both very active.  We've never been to the Bahamas.   Sure would love to go. You and your wife are a wonderful inspiration to other.  You are very Bless..Thank you for being a inspiration to others.
Comment by Mildred Carter on
Dear Mr. Steve Harvey My husband and I need some Sun and Fun its about  ten years over due all we do is work to keep a roof over our heads and support both side of our family's  we need a getaway!!!!!
Comment by Velinda Banks on
Hi Mr Harvey I really need Getaway had surgery tho will be a great getaway for me need the rest
Comment by Julia Standifer on
Hi steve,why I hope I win I hurt my back at work I was 43 I'm now 58 so you know I have not been able to go anywhere I'm on Social Security I would love to see something beside the room that I have been in or the doctors offices.If I win I hope they can have the electric cart so I will be able to get around.  Well good luck to me. Thank you
Comment by Agnita Morris on
Hi Mr Steve Harvey my husband passed two years ago. I am single parent my little girl is 12 its have been hard to raise her by myself. I need to get away for vacation. Love yo meet you. Try to register for the tickets but can't seem to find it.
Comment by nora whitlock on
It would be such a blessing to go on Sand and Soul Festival trip with my 52 year old daughter because all she does is work and never has been on a real vacation being a single parent I couldn't afford to take her I had to buy a home for us so I worked 2 jobs post of her life in the name of Jesus thank Lord
Comment by Willamae Overton on
Hi I would love to win! This would be a great anniversary present!! Thanks for the chance Mr.Harvey
Comment by Bethany Ghiloni on
Steve my wife & I just got married Sept.03,2016, but we've been together for 25 years.We have not been on our honeymoon yet-your SOUL & SAND FESTIVAL would be the prefect getaway for the both of us.Will you PLEASE help a brother out?
Comment by Robert W. Samuels on
Hi Mr.Harvey,I've never met u,but I'm sure that it would be an honor to meet u.I love your shows. I exspecialy love the way you compliment your wife.I Love it.It would be a pleasure to win or too just be in the finalist.Thanks Mr.Harvey for all that you do for our country, Much Love ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
Comment by Betty Church on
Hello Steve my name is Sam portebrown I am originally from Salisbury North Carolina I just moved to st. Petersburg Florida and I would love to go on the sand and soul Cruise I am approaching my 48th birthday I am a grandmother of 10 and I need a getaway
Comment by Sanporta Brown on
Thank you for the opportunity to enter this!
Comment by Faith Casbeer on
Mr. Steve Harvey, I remember your days in Dallas,  a club in the Red Bird Mall Area. Thank you for the gifts to the community and our boys. Meeting with Mr. Trump, allowed him to see that we are a people of intelligence and wealth, and not of ignorance/poverty. It reflects respect for a person in authority, it allows you to be invited, weather your peers approve or not. I was told me, "if someone thinks enough of you to invite you, you think enough of them to go, even if you don't want too,  the next time you may want to go and you're not invited,make an appearance. It's called courtesy. An overcomer of adversities, blessed with Marjorie,the principals of God at home, not so in todays homes. You're a blessing, you show humility, and gratefulness,Every person is born with a gift and talent,your gift is caring spirit, your talent an outstanding comedian. You are called according to God's purpose,you will continue to be blessed and a blessing to others.
Comment by Oletha Morrow on
Dear Steve, Please pick me so I can gift this to my Aunt Barbara - believe it or not she has made my whole family submit to you daily so we can win this trip for her. She's an awesome lady and she deserves this trip. !!!!!!!!!! Pick me...!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Ashley on
I was wondering how to get my picure in.  Thats a bonus. My phone stopped this morning.  I knew this was my turn.  What I got was a blanket blank inv itation to candy crush. Then my ex wa ts to call and I missed the whole strawberry letter. Steve help a sistah out. 316 992 25 92
Comment by missvicki1960 on
Hey Mr.Harvey do one for the truckdriver and pick me and my wife of 39yrs.we live in the deep south ,cotton and peanut county.we live in Bronwood,Ga near that town were you at all that home cooking years ago,listen to you every morning.GOD BLESS and keep.keeping real!!! My CB handle is EASYRIDER!!
Comment by Eddie L Allen on
Good Morning Mr. Harvey, I am a health care professional that works all the time and never take the time out to go on a vacation. I have 3 children took care of them by myself , my last child will be graduating from high school in June . I am in need of a vacation . It would be nice to go on a vacation with the Steve Harvey , Shirley, Tommy, Junior, Carla to the Bahamas. Thanks in Advance 214-457-0247.
Comment by Debra Jules on
Dear Mr. Harvey, or may I call you Steve?  I've seen you so much over the years, I feel as if I know you personally!  I'm a 54 year old black woman,  who's been a nurse for almost 30 years. During all this time of hard work for others, me n my fiance,  haven't really taken time out to travel for just us!.He was my first boyfriend when I was just 11, n he was 12! Over the years,  I guess we just plum forgot about ourselves!  We would love to kick it with you and your crew! Please pick me for this fab vacation.  You would make a old, still in love couple very happy.  Thanking you in advance, Allison.
Comment by Allison Bell on
Hello Steve! My husband and I are a military family and listen to your show everywhere we go. With retirement right around the corner we want to kick things off the right way. My husband has been in the military for over 20 years and we have never been on a cruise or traveled overseas unless it was a military move. We hope to win the cruise package and celebrate in style!
Comment by Willie G on
This would be awesome. Love ya Steve, you're a hoot.
Comment by Stacy Maniak on
My entry is late, yes i knew about this festival but didnt have the nerve to enter, who am i to be in the company of the morning crew? Anyways, i was looking at the prices trying to determine if it was possible to make the trip and came across the entry to win and why not? Cant give any sad stories, life is a struggle for us all whether its professional, personal or emotional, in my opinion, its just par for the course, i embrace it all, work through it and continue to know im blessed, no matter how large or small the blessing, its mine. Thank you Steve for all you do, morning crew thank you for helping him stay grounded and having his back through the good, the bad and the Hollywood ugly. God Bless!
Comment by Jeri Nelson on
Hi Steve, I thank you for being you and keeping it so really. I going to stay on Faith Street so I can receive the package that God has for me. Thank You Steve
Comment by Kimberly on
Hello Steve Harvey with yo rich azz. just send me 2 tickets 1 for me and 1 for my wife of 38 years, I will pay the hotel fare and for our food and fun I am just being real dog I dont have the cash for the air fare I will see you all there. a for real dud Blaster
Comment by Charles Turner on
Hello Steve I'm writing this letter cuz I feel I really deserve that trip I raised four children 90% of the time was alone I work two jobs for the last 9 years just recently I've purchased a new home and believe me I am greatly appreciative I came from nothing and struggled all the way but the house has taken every dime I have I've just been through a very close death and I feel the walls are closing in just need to get away and there's so many other things that you would want to hear just can't put on this page I am an amazing story
Comment by Cynthia Purdie on
Let it be God's wifi. Steve.
Comment by Grace Ann Thomas on
I need this trip!
Comment by E. LaVerne Gibson on
Mr. Harvey I just finished watching your show and your last comment was to enter to win Sand and Soul Trip and it showed Trip entry has ended ๐Ÿ˜ข
Comment by Aida Quinones on
Comment by MAXINE SIMMONS on
On October 4, 2017 is our 60th wedding anniversary it would be great to spend it with you.
Comment by Dee Rocke on
Mr. Harvey! First and foremost, I'd like to thank  you ahead of time for blessing me with the Bahamas trip in October! I am a Sales Profrssional, and have been off work with rotaor cuff issues and surgery! Im healing to the best of my ability and with the good Lords Help! This trip would be a trip of a life time for me! I've never been. You're lineup is off the chain and I can only believe this is God's Timing for you to Bless me!! I see how you help others  and you have a heart of Gold! It would enlighten my heart and soul to be selected! I'm old school, but with much more youth left inside me! God said to tell him what you need and thank him in advance for his answers! Thank you Mr. Harvey, for all you do and  for blessing me!!
Comment by Ravonya Jackson on
I want to go to the sand and soul with Steve Harvey and have a good time
Comment by Jesse Odom on
Hi Steve i watch your programs and listen to you on your radio station.   I  havent dated in over 21 years maybe i am not in the right place.   But God will keep you if you want to kept until the right one come along.   The trip would be a blessing
Comment by Gloria McMillan on
Good morning mr harvey: I was listening to your show this morning so I went to entrr to win sand and soul but it says entery has ended ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Comment by Jodi Urriola on
Hello, Ms. Steve Harvey, my name is Oluwabunmi but you can call me Yemi. Me and my wife Alisa listen to you every morning while I'm taking her to work in the morning. This morning you was advertising you're sand and soul vacation and DR. We both are in dire need of a vacation like this. We both work in the medical field, and we have two beautiful daughters that we love with all of are hearts. But with that said, we need some time to ourselves. And this would be a great getaway for us. Please email me back if you are able to. May GOD keep blessing you and the morning  show crew. Thank you so much for being you, you are a gift from the man above.
Comment by Oluwabunmi A Ajiboye on
Hello Mr. Steve Harvey , I just heard your message on the Steve Harvey morning show here in Nashville,TN. This is about the sand and soul trip to the Dominican Republic in 2018 August 30- September 3rd and I think that this would be a great trip for me and my husband because we've yet to have taken a honeymoon nor an anniversary and we've been married three in a half years now. By the way the resort is beautiful and we would love to go,thank you and may the spirit of the Lord Jesus be with you.
Comment by REKISHEA R GREER on
Hello Mr. Harvey. I am so excited to attend this trip with you with a couple of my friends to  Dominican Republic. This will be my 60th Birthday and this will be a fabulous way of celebrating my 60th Birthday. I listen to your morning show out of Atlanta. You and everyone one on your show is like the first cup of coffee. This trip would be a blessing. God bless, and thank you.
Comment by Megan Edwards on
Steve it's not about me winning anything when I wake up I have already won I just want to comment you on such a outstanding morning show . I try to listen to your inspiration at 6 o'clock every morning. Your wisdom has a lot of power for the human minds . May God bless you and I pray that he Will continue speaking through you .Love all you guy's on radio show. Richard Holloway !
Comment by Richard Holloway on
Hello Mr. Harvey, My husband has been ill and a vacation would do us good. Hope to see you there. It's been one day at a time. Love you guys. May God continue blessing your life. Love Perry & Janice
Comment by Janice Shaw on
Mr. Harvey : I would love to go on this awesome trip.Never had an opportunity to go anywhere because I'm always working 2 jobs to make it in this world. Going on the trip would be a life changing experience for me. I heard you talk about your beautiful on you show. I have a grown son he lives in another city.I have never been married just trying to live a life that GOD is please with. I would love to get away and just have some fun for a change & enjoy myself. And who knows god can open doors on this trip for me because i know as well as you know with god all things is POSSIBLE
Comment by Lisa Chachere on
Hi Steve, I would love to come again in 2019.  Had a wonderful time with my 8 cousins all from different states and met up and Puna Cana this past Aug-Sept. I’m the oldest grandchild of the original 15. I’ll be 60 this year and the cousins are coming again. But I can’t afford it. Lost my dad have my mom (80 yrs old) the house had to have many repairs, two hurricane did some damage. I truly, truly would like to come again.
Comment by Sharon Randolph on
I wanted to win as a retirement gift. I have NEVER been out of the country! Please gift meโ˜บ
Comment by Deybra Chapman on
I wasn't able to enter. The site kept sending me to Publishing Clearing House.  What is up with that.  Y'all post these opportunities for people then, there is always a gimmick.  Give for real. Be able to follow Your heart. Be a Blessing.
Comment by Patricia Talbert on
Hi Steve, My husband and I will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary and would be so very thankful if we could celebrate as your guest at the Sand & Soul Festival.
Comment by Sallie Martin on
Hello Steve and Marjorie Harvey, I love you both and will like me and my husband to be one of guest. My Husband works all the time and it will be nice for him to have fun for once.
Comment by Linda Robinson on
Hello Mr. Steven, I listen to your show every morning, and I love to hear your words of wisdom because truly god is good. I would love to get pick to go on this trip. My love just found out the has cancer for the second time, but god is great because the first time he was told he had six months to live it has been 18 years ago so I know the power of god. We would love to just hang at with you, love you and god bless you and your family
Comment by Gwen Wade on
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