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Tyne Caouette
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Perdue Something Big is coming winner

sent affy in all set...
Dear Tyne,
We are pleased to inform you that have been selected as a potential winner of the PERDUE® Grand Prize including one year’s worth of PERDUE® Chicken (provided in the form of 208 $5 PERDUE® product coupons, to be shipped in batches of 52 coupons on a quarterly basis) and a Pop-Up PERDUE® Food Truck Party (which must take place by Nov. 1, 2019) in the PERDUE® “Something Big is Coming” Sweepstakes! Attached is an Affidavit of Eligibility and a Publicity/Liability Release. This must be filled out and returned to the address listed within 5 days of receipt of the document, in order to be verified as a winner. No winners are official, and no announcement should be made as such, until the affidavit is signed and received by us and eligibility is verified. At that time, we will make a public announcement.

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