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Do you need a new smile makeover? Enter the Dear Doctor Ultimate Smile Makeover Contest for your chance to win it!

Dear Doctor and their smile makeover sponsors are giving away a complete dental makeover for one lucky winner.

Almost everyone needs dental work of some kind but it's never at the top of the list.

Enter to get a complete dental makeover so you can smile with pride.


Eligibility and Prize Information

ELIGIBILITY: Open to individuals 18 years or older at the time of entry and is only open to legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia. This Contest is void outside the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, and where prohibited.

GRAND PRIZE: Winner will receive an "Ultimate Smile Makeover package" (approximate retail value $3,000 - $35,000 and will be selected by a committee formed by Dear Doctor from among 10 finalists chosen randomly.

Finalists will be chosen on or about November 15, 2018. Grand Prize Winner will be selected from the 10 randomly selected finalists. Grand Prize Winner may receive one or more of the following services: restorative dentistry, periodontal therapy, endodontic therapy, orthodontic therapy, implant dentistry, oral surgery or applicable services. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.

For Full Official Rules, Click here.

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Comment by Angel McMore on
Wow... I'm a Very Beautiful Woman If I Say So Myself Beautiful Heart Loving , caring,  Not Dated In 7 Years ... Scared To Smile My Teeth are So Bad ..Im 60 years old woman that wanna date again ....I Would Love To Win This Beautiful Gift win win make Me Smile again ...
Comment by Edith Speed on
I Pray I Win, I use to have a Beautiful Smile and Pretty Teeth! I Fell at Work and not working still going thru Multiple Surgeries; haven't Smiled in 6 years! Please I Pray My Dream comes True and I Win! Want to Smile not only for My Kids,but also when I go out in Public ! Thanks For this opportunity and God Bless! Love Carollyn
Comment by Carollyn Carlson on
Hi my name is Regina iam 39 years old divorced mom of three kids and I have multiple sclerosis and the medications I have been on steroids injections iv steroids pain medications has caused me to have dry mouth 24/7 and now my teeth has been chipping and breaking and I am so ashamed to the point i cover my mouth when i talk so nobody sees how bad it is,i have been divorced for years now and I still have not tryed to go out or date and now my twins graduation is this year and I don't want to look this way i need a change please help
Comment by Regina Delph on
If I'm so lucky and blessed to win ,I will be forever grateful. I have always wanted to smile and be confident, I'm 26 single parent of two and my children always come first. I just wish i could be the confident mom they deserve and I know having a great smile will do that, I hope so badly I get this win, it would be the lottery for me :-)
Comment by Lori outlaw on
Hello, I am a giver.  I take in kids, animals, take care of the sick and the old. I will defend anyone in need.  Have not asked for anything in my 60 years since I have been on my own from a teen. Not even a cup of sugar.  But the treatments form breast cancer has ruined every tooth in my mouth. I haven't single good one left.  So....I am asking, begging, please pick me as your contest winner.  Please.
Comment by Kathy Bible on
I don't only want to win this prize....I really need it. I want nothing more than to get back that beautiful smile I once had.    Please help me.
Comment by Liz Courey on
As a child I gave up having my dental work done as my sisters teeth needed it more but now I need to ask to get my teeth fixed.
Comment by Lisa Bromley on
I entered everyday last time and didn't win, but I'm not giving up.
Comment by Stephanie Mitchell on
Hi! I am wondering how they pick the winners on here?!? I so desperately need a healthy smile makeover. I am afraid and i am not sure why if it has to do with the fact of the antibiotics i have to take prior to visiting the dentist because of my heart or from years of bad experiences. I would love to have a smile makeover so i can finally quit super gluing my teeth that keep falling out!
Comment by Diane on
If I win it will be the best day of my life. I hope for this everyday of my life. My teeth are crooked. I had a missing front tooth that never grew in since I was little its still up there the dentist says, and the other front tooth was chipped every since I was little. I had to go threw my whole life like this. My tooth got chip twice when I was younger first time I walk in front of a metal swing and the bar chipped my tooth. Second incident my sister aunt was carrying me on her back I fell and hit my tooth on the glass table. My mom didn't take us to the denist so I never got it fixed. I had to go threw school like this it really affected my education and my interaction with people. As I got older and got out on my own got some bonding done on my chipped tooth and they bonded the tooth next to the my missing big tooth to make to look like I have a gap. I was not satisfied with the work but it looked better than the smile I had. I felt like I couldnt get a job with my previous smile I was very depressed I didn't get until I was 21 and until I got the litte work I got done I was very insecure. Im still am my smile holds me back in many ways and the number one thing on my wish list is to get my smile fixed. I even stop going to college because of my smile. Please help me I have so many talents waiting to come out but my smile truly gets in the way.
Comment by Jamikah Kelsaw on
You dont win this by posting comments. By the way, I am thee most beeeyoutifull woman in the world. My cat says so.
Comment by Lisa Lo on
Im 55 and have no teeth due to an illness.  I cant even eat with the dentures I have. UGH  Anyway this contest also gives permission for them to call email and write to all who enter.  so...
Comment by eileen flynn on
I'm Hoping, Dreaming, Wishing,  Praying,  One Day ....🤔
Comment by Edith Speed on
Good luck with the taxes.  If you can't afford dental work, then you definitely can't afford to pay the taxes.  Not to mention you're rolling the dice that some random guy wearing a white lab coat isn't going to be the dentist from hell.
Comment by AJ Tucker on
They don't pick winners on here. It's picked by the company hosting the giveaway.  Infinite Sweeps just post current giveaways. Good Luck! Hope this helps answer your question.
Comment by Kitty Morgan on
I never received my conformation that you received my entry. In my email
Comment by Kimberly collins-walton on
Comment by mardel patch on
Like everyone else I wish to win. Patience is truly a virtue. The condition of our teeth and gums are vital and tells a story about our inner health. Most necessary for my health and well being I would like to win. One of us or several of us will win. I wish all of you the best of luck, never give up!
Comment by Leoness Margay on
18''''''''''''''''''''' everyone is a winner''''' GOOD''LUCK''EVERYONE''
Comment by olivia on
Comment by olivia on
9/30''''''''' BLESSED SUN. ALL'' DID U TELL THE GOOD ''LORD THANK ''U'' TODAY'''  IM ALWAYS GIVING GOD '' MY THANKFULNESS' 4 #1 MORE DAY'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' HAVE A GREAT'' DAY'' & MAY ''EVERYONE'' HAVE A BLESSED ''NEW'' MTH'' TOMORROW'' GOOOOD ''LUCK'' ALL''
Comment by Olivia Elliott on
I have been entering this contest daily for over 5 years. I am praying for a miracle to save my smile. Good luck everyone.
Comment by Ria on
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