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Circkle K Flip & Find

Won a free medium coffee.  
The other day, I could have won a trip, or airfare, as the sheet had 3 airplanes on it, but I got the tiger before I got the planes.

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Posted Jan 16th (2020) @ 6:32:37 PM #2
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So close.. i'll take some coffee right about now... Congrats on the win and here's to many more in 2020!!!

Posted Jan 30th (2020) @ 8:21:45 AM #3
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Congrats! I've been trying too.

The winnings are predetermined before you even click any of the hats though. I looked at the code in the browser and it is marked as "LosePage" or "WinPage" before you even select anything. I thought I almost won money and a trip too but the selections are predetermined!!

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